Extravirgin olive oil


The extravirgin olive oil San Giovanni is a high-quality and exquisite product and it is obtained only from olives of Gentile di Chieti and Leccino cultivar.

First of all, we harvest olives by hand at the proper stage of ripeness and maturity and we put them in special boxes with some openings on the sides in order to avoid deterioration of the olives.

The harvested olives are transferred to the mill and pressed within 24 hours. In this way they donít ferment and donít change their organoleptic characteristics. This is very important if you want to taste a high quality extravirgin olive oil.

After this phase, the extravirgin is transferred in stainless steel tanks and it decants in order to obtain a limpid product. San Giovanni olive oil is not further filtered, so if you find some deposit on the bottom of our bottles, this will be a guarantee of wholesome product.

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