extravirgin olive oil

San Giovanni

extravirgin olive oil


It is obtained from olives of Gentile di Chieti e Leccino cultivar.

Its colour is yellow with highly attractive green glint, then comes the flavour that is herbaceous, fruity, intense with some hints of bitterness and pepperiness.

It is perfect as raw condiment, you can use it on soups, salads, vegetables, fish, grilled meat, but it is also delicious if you taste it on grilled bread, it is an extravirgin olive oil suitable for any cooking.


Product Price
1 glass bottle - 50 cl (16.9 oz) € 8,5
1 glass bottle - 75 cl (25.4 oz) € 11
6 glass bottles - 50 cl (16.9 oz) € 45
6 glass bottles - 75 cl (25.4 oz) € 60


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